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[row][column width=”1/1″] Learn Advanced Hacking From Certified Professionals. [/column][/row]

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[wide id=”” class=”” style=”” effect=”fadeInUp” delay=”0″]Do You Want Vulnerability Assessment for your Business?   [/wide]

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What We Are Offering 

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[row][column width=”1/4″][service icon=”fa-graduation-cap” title=”Mile2 Certification” style=”1″ color=”theme” align=”center” link=”/mile2-certification/” effect=”fadeInUp” delay=”0″]Mile2 certification courses teach the fundamental and advanced principles of cyber security and follows a course/certification track. It leads to advanced hands-on skills training for penetration testing, disaster recovery, incident handling and network forensics.[/service][/column]

[column width=”1/4″][service icon=”fa-expeditedssl” title=”Kaspersky Antivirus” style=”1″ color=”theme” align=”center” link=”” effect=”fadeInUp” delay=”0″]It is developed specifically for businesses. Kaspersky Endpoint Security lets you manage security for multiple endpoints. World-class security for all your endpoints – including laptops, desktops, file servers and mobile devices. [/service][/column]

[column width=”1/4″][service icon=”fa-user-secret” title=”Adv. Ethical Hacking”   style=”1″ color=”theme” align=”center” link=”/training/classroom-training/advanced-ethical-hacking/” effect=”fadeInUp” delay=”0″]Advanced Ethical Hacking Training is the pinnacle of the most desired information security training program. To master the hacking technologies, you will need to become one, but an ethical one! [/service][/column]

[column width=”1/4″][service icon=”fa-database” title=”Bigdata Hadoop” style=”1″ color=”theme” align=”center” link=”/training/corporate-training/bigdata-hadoop/” effect=”fadeInUp” delay=”0″]Big data means really a big data, it is a collection of large data sets that cannot be processed using traditional computing techniques. It is not merely a data, rather it has become a complete subject. It involves various tools, technqiues and frameworks.[/service][/column][/row]

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[row][column width=”1/4″][service icon=”fa-user-secret” title=”Vul. Assessment” style=”1″ color=”theme” align=”center” url=”” effect=”fadeInUp” delay=”0″]The Web Application Assessment, may proactively assess websites for vulnerabilities that might permit unauthorized access to a server.[/service][/column]

[column width=”1/4″][service icon=”fa-university” title=”Onsite Training” style=”1″ color=”theme” align=”center” url=”” effect=”fadeInUp” delay=”0″]Onsite Training is the perfect option for college/university that need a cost-effective way to train a large number of students, all at once.[/service][/column]

[column width=”1/4″][service icon=”fa-building” title=”Corporate Training” style=”1″ color=”theme” align=”center” url=”” effect=”fadeInUp” delay=”0″] Corporate Training is a flexible, cost-effective option that allows you to train as many or as few employees as you need.[/service][/column]

[column width=”1/4″][service icon=”fa-cloud” title=”Data Backup & Recovery” style=”1″ color=”theme” align=”center” link=”/services/getdata-softwares/” effect=”fadeInUp” delay=”0″]Our software products available online, OEM, and in retail stores throughout the world.[/service][/column][/row]

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[testimonials_item name=”Jatin Singhla” job=”Trainee”]I have been in contact with icloudJunction over a year now, all the members of this organization are very helpful and genuine. I have cleared my CEH EXAMINATION, great thanx to ARPIT SIR, he helped me a lot in my training. Overall, I would personally recommend “whoever is interested in getting any Security CERTIFICATION, go for ICLOUDJUNCTION.”[/testimonials_item]

[testimonials_item name=”Akansha” job=”Intern”]Shree Tech Solutions is one of the best institute to kick start your career in the field of coding and web development. The environment over here is quite cool, energetic yet filled with pool of information and knowledge. The focus is laid more on building concepts rather than making the students grasp it, and that’s the best practice.[/testimonials_item]

[testimonials_item name=”Shivas Sahni” job=”Trainee”]The level of knowledge, the use of examples, the level of practical detail, the professional yet friendly environment, the location, the timings as per your needs etc are the factors that make this ATC out shine other institutes. Thanks to these guys, i was able to kick start my new career without much hassle. 5/5![/testimonials_item]

[testimonials_item name=”Vineet Kumar” job=”Trainee”]I am doing Python programming training, It’s of 20 days of duration totally, for that, I have paid Rs.8000 as a fee, they have been providing very clear and perfect training. I am happy to join here.[/testimonials_item][/testimonials]


EISCP is learning and awareness program in the field of Cyber Security started by icloudJunction. Our focus is making everyone learn about Cyberworld workings and processing.

EISCP : Electronic Information Security Cyber Program

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