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Shree Tech Solutions planted its seeds in 2014 to pursue quality products to its customer as its core competency. Therefore, started business into Web Domain and Hosting Industry. As, no industry can with stand without security; hence, realizing need for cyber security started new program as EISCP (Electronic Information Security Cyber Program). Not only we provide web security as a ready-made product but also we teach everyone about Info-Sec in form of Classroom Training’s, Workshops, Boot-camps and Seminars.

We will put our best effort in to teaching by most practical knowledge and latest elements of this industry. Our teaching is versatile according to the grasping of our students because we are not for our self, we are dedicated to our students. We are not book learners, we are like river water which continuously flow and remain fresh.

EISCP mission is not only to be the most professional cyber security leader but also most practical and versatile teaching standards in the industry by giving them worth of the money and time which they have invested with us. We value, each and every student. We try to build from its base of basics to upper levels.

EISCP as an Info-sec program, will provide world-class, innovative, value-added services and guidance to its students; help students to build its confidence and knowledge over pre-written text books and makes a lasting, positive impact on their career, personality and community under the skeleton of Cyber laws.

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EISCP values :

  • Honesty
  • Quality
  • Integrity
  • Versatility
  • Community leadership
  • Following Indian Cyber laws
  • Company customer relationship.

EISCP strive to provide improving quality services that will provide students view for real world scenarios, and to respond to our corporate responsibility to our students, community and employees. We actively pursue improving quality through own researches, case studies, client’s projects, conferences etc. programs that enable each member of our team to do their job right for the first time and every time.



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